Complete Website Downloader

Complete Website Downloader 1.0

Download websites in their entirety and view them as if you were online
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Download websites in their entirety and view them as if you were online. Great for downloading lots of files, saving money on internet connection fees, or reading while you travel.
Each website is configured on your computer so that clicking links will bring you to the proper page stored on your hard drive, which means that browsing offline is almost exactly like browsing online.

If you pay fees for the amount of time you are online you can save money by quickly downloading all the websites you want to view and disconnecting.

It's also great for travel: you can browse the websites you've downloaded even from places like airplanes or trains where internet is unavailable.

Main Features:
- Downloads complete websites and all images/files
- Highly configurable: choose the number of pages you want to download.
- Works with dynamic pages like message boards.
- Can ignore certain pages or file types
- Downloads multiple files simultaneously to increase speed
- Handles server side includes and Cascading Style Sheets
- Handles websites with subdomains
- Stores all files downloaded in a structured directory on your computer

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